An Insight into The Best of Subscription eCommerce

Subscription eCommerce has continued to come on leaps and bounds in recent years due to a number of factors, including; the Coronavirus pandemic, global lockdowns & the fact that we’re now a population of online shoppers & screen addicts. From beauty replenishment services to access (media content), our beloved eCommerce platforms are turning over billions […]

Qualifying Questions To Ask Every eCommerce Agency

As an eCommerce consultant, I have and do work with a lot of retailers who are either working to re-platform or about to embark on a re-platforming project. Whilst in the consultation phase I often get asked about the initial qualification questions that need to be covered/or discussed during the sales process.  The questions below […]

A Small Businesses Guide to Improving Your Organic Position in Google

When running a small bricks & mortar business, it can often be hard to capitalise yourself online but in today’s digital world you can no longer rely purely on social media marketing or word of mouth. You want to be visible & have an organic profile within the Google search engine too.  As everyone’s tech […]

Gearing up Your SEO for Autumn/Winter 2022

Can you believe that there are only four months left of 2022? Crazy times! And whilst I wish the glorious sunshine could last all year round it’s now prime time for business owners to prepare for their biggest seasons; Autumn & Winter. Before you know it the end-of-season sales, Black Friday weekend & Christmas (yes, […]

Meta – Helping Creators Earn More Through New Monetised Features

Influencers and online creators have truly solidified themselves in the world of digital marketing as they pave the way for product & service showcasing. & Meta is now set to introduce additional ways of them earning money through its platforms, Facebook & Instagram.  In a recent post, the CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg announced “we’re […]

An Insight into Shoppable Media & Using It Effectively

In recent years, improvements in technology & convenience have led to more eCommerce sales through mobile due to more people interacting with & watching more videos online. As a result, shoppable media is essential for those retailers looking to attract a younger audience.  By connecting browsing to buying, with videos of visual product you’ll encourage […]

A Look into the New Google Search Console GA4 Properties

As music to any marketer’s ears, a new update means that Google Search Console Insights is now supporting Google Analytics 4 properties. Allowing more access to data – hooray! As of the 6th of July, Google removed certain limitations which granted compatibility between two of its biggest marketing tools. Combining the two provides business owners […]

Mastering the Act of Not Overdelivering

No matter what the circumstances, whether it’s helping a loved one or helping a client achieve their dream, there are no faults in being kind & lending a hand.  However, as a leading eCommerce Marketing Consultant, I myself for over 20 years have fallen into the trap of always doing a little too much. And […]

An Insight into the New TikTok for WooCommerce Extension

No matter your offering, or business size, one of your primary marketing goals is likely to be building your customer base & this can be brilliantly done through social media. As one of the most powerful tools, it can successfully help you reach new audiences, promote your brand & generally build your business. And in […]

A Guide on Taking Your Business Global | eCommerce Expert

So your business is rooted in British soil, but have you ever thought about or are thinking about taking it global? Firstly, if you are this is a huge leap but is one that can be achieved if approached in the correct way & with time & care. Secondly, to assist you in this journey […]