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I’m Myk Baxter, owner & founder at Myk Baxter Marketing otherwise known as MBM, I am an experienced, eCommerce consultant and digital marketing expert available for hire. Having been a key player in the digital world for 20 years, I made the decision to establish www.ecommercexpert.co.uk as a knowledge resource and community for industry professionals, prospective and current clients and online business owners alike.

Fused with my unmatched knowledge and understanding of the sector, I see eCommerce Expert as very much part of me ‘giving something back’ to a digital marketing sector which has given me so much over the years, allowing me to travel the world & grow my business at the same time. In the same breath, I also share my personal journey in mental health, as well as profiles on those business owners who are changing the industry and whom I’m proud to call friends.

I also see this hub of information as an open resource for start-up businesses right through to digital marketing managers who handling small to medium or enterprise-level clients will find useful. 

I currently post digital marketing & eCommerce industry, news, advice, tips & help every Tuesday & Friday but this might change. 

If after reading my blog you wish to partner with me for support in your web development or digital marketing project, please contact me directly today or leave us a message via our form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.