What Makes a Good Marketing Strategy?

Author: Myk Baxter

When you’re looking to market your website or eCommerce store, it’s worthwhile taking a moment to think about what makes a good marketing strategy. Whether you engage with a leading digital marketing expert or try to go it alone, the techniques you use will dictate the success of your marketing, and in turn, the success of your online business.

From hard-selling call-to-actions to regularly scheduled posts, it can be difficult to understand what techniques work, which are a waste of time, and which ones actively discourage people from engaging with your brand. 

First of all, nobody likes being pressured into purchasing a product or service – however, if you’re not engaging often enough, your brand is forgotten. 

Effective marketing requires a tailored approach. Myk Baxter Marketing, for example, offers dedicated marketing consulting that tailors your needs around the strategies they create. By understanding a brand’s audience, its expert digital marketing specialists can create marketing strategies with intent – maximising both social media, digital website and traditional marketing opportunities. 

Start With Custom Content

Whether you realise it or not, the brands you feel most connected to are creating original content that “speaks” to you. Custom content allows businesses to build a hub of information that connects with consumers.

However, content marketing is best left for informative purposes, rather than direct sales. From videos to blog posts, podcasts and white papers – their purpose is to inform and inspire rather than push a hard sale. 

Blogs are ideal, as you can discuss the topics you want to educate your customers with while slipping in inspiring links that help boost SEO and also direct readers to a service or product if they so wish. By clicking, the reader is in the driving seat. 

Bored already? Why not employ an eCommerce marketing specialist to do the hard work for you?

(see what we did there…)

People Still Read Emails

Believe it or not, people still read emails – even the most regular, annoying inbox marketing emails get read. And despite the competition with social media and messaging applications, more than 50% of people check their emails in the morning, an even higher percentage for those at work.

Myk Baxter Marketing has a great track record for boosting the email marketing campaigns of businesses, making it their most profitable online marketing channel. 

By building an email list of engaged consumers, you’re no longer throwing marketing investment to the wind in the hope that it pollinates some interest. Instead, you’re throwing it right in the lap of those eager to consume it. 

Email is up to FORTY times more effective at acquiring customers than Facebook and Twitter combined. 

Just remember, nobody likes spam so be sure to offer something in return for a sign-up and make sure you stick to the data protection and online privacy laws of the zones you operate.

Want to know what makes a good marketing strategy? Myk Baxter Marketing, that’s who.