The Importance of SEO and Keeping it Up-To-Date

Author: Myk Baxter

Like many marketing practices, SEO is never a one-off task and must be maintained, adjusted, and revised on a regular (and often seasonal) basis to ensure that your web pages stay at the peak of search engine optimisation. 

 In this blog post we will share in simple the importance of SEO and keeping it maintained if you want your business to thrive. 

 What is SEO?

 SEO (also known as Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of improving your website in order to increase its visibility for relevant searches run by a potential customer. In short, the higher the visibility of your pages in search engine results, the more likely you are to attract new and existing customers to your business. 

 Now, you may ask yourself how do search engines control which pages rank higher than others? 

In simple terms, a search engine, such as Google, uses bots to crawl through web pages within a website, whilst going from site to site collecting information about what’s on each page and putting that content into an index. Once this step is complete, an algorithm will analyse the pages within the index for ranking factors (including content quality and keyword research) to decide the order in which the pages will appear in the results for the query in question. 

 Why is it important? 

 “SEO is arguably one of the most important strategies in online marketing.”

 – Myk Baxter, Founder, and Consultant at Myk Baxter Marketing

 With billions of search engine searches made every day, SEO can play a fundamental role in promoting your business online. This is due to search engines often being the primary source of digital traffic for many brands and businesses.

 Besides the quality of the content on your website, your SEO ranking can also be influenced by the quality of your social media platforms, as well as your business articles, blog posts, website loading speeds, and other digital marketing assets linked to your business.

 For example, by including your business name as a hashtag within your tweets or Facebook posts this is seen as a keyword and will act as an additional asset to your website copy when wanting to boost your rankings.

 How often should SEO content be updated?

 As SEO trends continue to evolve, it’s important to revise your website content and keyword research every few months, or seasonally depending on your business type. For example, if you are a fashion retailer your products will continue to change on a quarterly basis, so it’s important to ensure that your category content is updated as we move through the seasons. 

Seeking expert assistance

Whilst it is effective, SEO can often be a time-consuming process and one that is often hard to navigate through when carrying out for the first time.

For many businesses, it is advised, and beneficial to seek assistance from industry experts, such as the team at Myk Baxter Marketing

As an SEO marketing agency, MBM’s experts have the most up-to-date understanding of the way search engines work and work to go the extra step in ensuring that your SEO is maintained at its peak. Through regular and in-depth analysis of your on-page optimisation, as well as providing additional services that explore better website organisation, social media management, blog writing, and more, Myk Baxter Marketing expertly identifies and fixes all of the areas where there is an opportunity for further SEO improvement. 

To learn more about their results-driven SEO service, visit the website today and you’ll be surfing the top of Google’s results pages in no time.

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