MBM’s Guide to Working Collaboratively

Author: Myk Baxter

Often working collaboratively is a wonderful thing. You can bounce ideas off one another, learn from each other experiences & share tasks evenly & utilise each other strengths. 

However, if work you remotely, like us at Myk Baxter Marketing it can sometimes come with its challenges but over the last couple of years we’ve worked together to overcome obstacles & now working together has never been easier. 

As a nod to our growth & changes, in this handy guide, we’ll talk you through our tips on how to work collaboratively in the best way possible.

Patience is Key

When working remotely or from home, it’s important to remember that your team members may not be available at all times. Whether this be because of the school run, because of personal commitments or because they are working on another work project outside of the company. 

With this in mind, it’s important to be patient when requesting an update or a response to a client’s communication & no one likes to feel the pressure whether or not they are in a circumstance they cannot control. 

We as a team over time have become aware of each other’s schedules from a personal perspective, & will remind each other beforehand of any commitments. This allows opportunities to request what we need before they switch on their Out of Office, & ensures no one is bothered when not available.

Communicate Daily 

There’s not a day during the week when our main team members don’t communicate.

From email to call, text to voice note, we cover every avenue when it comes to ensuring we’re communicating effectively. 

In summary, we tend to use email (alongside Google Docs) for passing client updates & feedback internally whilst texts & voice messages are used for general questions & when formal communication isn’t required.

At Myk Baxter Marketing, our team relationship goes so much further than being colleagues, we’re great friends too. We all tend to check how each other’s days are going as we believe that asking a question as simple as “‘how are you today” can make a huge difference to a person’s mental health.

Stay Organised

When managing a client project, or your team’s tasks, organisation is key. 

We are currently in the process of finding the perfect CRM solution for us but for now, well-organised emails, achievable deadlines & a skilled account manager allow us to deliver great client service. 

We also use Google Docs and Sheets to share client feedback & to-do lists. By using this collaborative approach, we’re able to share notes & feedback no matter the time of day & in a way that avoids a heavy bulk of emails.

Overall working together is all about trust, great organisation & everyone pulling together to deliver the same goal & level of work.


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