Why Listing Your Business on Google is Great for SEO

Author: Myk Baxter

If you own a business and have a real-world location (be it an office or a storefront), it can be incredibly beneficial to add your business to Google Maps. 

Not only does this help people find and search for your business more easily, but it also helps improve SEO and increase reach for your business across many platforms.

How To Claim a Google Maps Listing

1. Set up a Google My Business profile

Say you just started a new business, and you don’t see yourself on Google Maps when searching for your business name. 

This is bad as it doesn’t help with your SEO one bit! Therefore, the first thing you need to do is set up a Google My Business account.

Go through the steps, sign up and once complete, you’ll be able to create a page for your business. Since you’re a new business in this scenario, fill out everything about your business and create a brand new profile. If you’re existing, you can claim a business listing already on the map or simply update an old listing if you already have an account.

2. Verify your address

The most common verification method Google uses is postcards, which means you need access to the physical address you’re listing. 

And although there are other methods available, this one is usually the fastest and most reliable.

After you’ve entered a valid physical address, Google will mail your postcard. This little piece of mail will contain a PIN that must be entered into your account to verify your business and get your profile to show up live on Google.

Et Voila! You’re up up and away! 

Remember to also connect your Google My Business account and Google Maps listing to your main URL, as well as keep all information as up-to-date as possible – such as opening hours, website, phone number, etc. 

Once connected, people searching your business online (or simply searching for businesses like yours in the local area) will not only see your website hit the search results, but also appear to the right as a map result. 

If it’s all connected and wired up properly, they’ll have instant, one-click access to your main ports of call, increasing conversions, brand recognition and the number of new customers visiting your digital space.

To find out how to best approach Google SEO Marketing processes, contact Myk Baxter Marketing today for a hot-fix solution or a full re-development of your website. 


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