The New Year Resolutions Every eCommerce Business Should Make

Author: Myk Baxter

As the albeit arbitrary shift from December 31st 2020 to January 1st 2021 happens, we all like to reset our clocks and see this date change as an opportunity for a fresh start. For 2021, this couldn’t be more important – as we move away from pandemic-ridden 2020 and hope for better days ahead over the next twelve months. 

For eCommerce entrepreneurs, the last year has either been extremely profitable or extremely damaging for your business – but whatever last year presented you, there is no benefit from coasting through the next year without setting up resolutions, strategies and plans for your next success. 

First Reflect

To move forward in 2021, we must all first look at 2020. What goals were set? Were any goals missed? (probably!) Can these goals be brought into 2021 or do they need to be rewritten? Realistically evaluating your last year helps you set up achievable aspirations for the year ahead. 

Take Some Risks

For many of us, taking risks in such a volatile time is the last thing we want to do. However, playing things safe almost never leads to big success. Take calculated risks by investing in new ventures, trying something different or expanding a new market. Thing is, in times of such uncertainty, what’s adding a little more really going to do? If it works out, you’ll thank yourself later.

Refresh Your Brand

Get ahead of the curve and refresh your brand now. From website layout to brand identity and service offerings, you can really mix up the next year and leave yourself poised for the boom in the market, whenever that’s expected to return. Myk Baxter Marketing provides the best in digital marketing and website development that can boost your brand with no delay. 

Adapt to the Now

And, if you haven’t already made your customers’ lives easier by offering more services or improving your eCommerce systems to make the shopping experience even easier and more convenient during the lockdown. Why not incorporate single-click payments or set up a fully contactless delivery system? Again, Myk Baxter Marketing can help make that a reality. 

Get the Housekeeping out of the Way

While you’re at it, make it a habit in the New Year to change your passwords, implement 2-Factor Authentication for website, email and social media, streamline your emails, renew your insurance, update your hosting and web security & maintenance package, organise your products and backup your eCommerce store.