The Importance of A Great Website Maintenance Service

Author: Myk Baxter

As a leading web development agency, we at MBM UK are often inundated with businesses asking us to help support them with the Adhoc upgrading of their website and our response will always remain the same. 

“Invest in one of our trusted monthly maintenance services” 

By doing so, they are granted the help they need in regards to updating of their plugins, software, and content and can also be rest assured that their website is protected from the latest threats. Although the greatest benefit of it all is that you are granted more time to grow your business and work on the other aspects of marketing whilst we carry out the hard work needed. 

However, we understand that to some you may think that this will come with a hefty invoice each month. But as a consultancy that believes in transparency, it can only help bring in more revenue than what is outgoing. 

For clarity, our range of maintenance packages run from £150 to £600, with each one being dependent on the type of service you require – Basic, Pro or Enterprise. 

When investing in the right package for you will also be granted a dedicated account manager, who will act as an extension of your team and work to provide with you the correct support and advice you need. 

To learn more about how we can help you with not only the development of your website, but with digital marketing as a whole, reach out to us today to book your consultation.

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