The Do’s and Don’ts Of A Google AD’s Campaign

Author: Myk Baxter

Google is the tool loved by all – it’s there when we need answers to the random questions that pop into our heads when we’re seeking the best local cuisine and it’s also the platform that helps businesses across the globe expand their digital footprint. 

Through SEO, we aim to climb the rankings, but did you know that you have the ability to directly target your audience through a Google Ad campaign? 

Driven by keyword research, CRO rates and your own personalised budget, this advantageous marketing method can lead to a significant increase in sales and customer engagement, leading to global business expansion. 

To ensure that your campaign is tippity top, in today’s blog posts we will share a rundown of the do’s and don’ts of delivering an exceptional ad’s campaign. Keep reading to learn more.


Don’t expect instant results

Patience is key when it comes to running a successful ads campaign, with a full set of results not being available to review and adapt until thirty days of the ad’s being live – remember good things come to those that wait!

Don’t overcomplicate your keyword phrases 

When accumulating together your key phrases, or search terms, it’s important to think in the mind of a user and ask yourself, what would I be searching for when hoping to find something? 


Do set a realistic budget 

Although you only pay every time someone interacts with your advertisement, it’s important to start off with a smaller budget that can be utilised within the early stages of your campaign depending on how well your campaign is interacted with. But, remember that this can always be expanded as you move forward!

Do carry out your research 

Look into your competitors and how they are delivering their campaigns and piggyback onto them, and also compile together a list of your brand key phrases and products which are guaranteed to be searched for by your target audience. 

Do seek the assistance of a leading industry experts 

We understand that when navigating through the digital marketing world, it may be a little unnerving to produce a killer campaign when driving to increase your sales.

To settle your woes, we advise reaching out to the MBM team, who will be able to advise and guide you through the process, from research to execution, and also share with you unparalleled results as the campaign progresses. 

For more information about their unparalleled CRO services and support, reach out to Myk and the team today to book a consultation.

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