The Best Email Marketing Practices to Action

Author: Myk Baxter

Whilst it may not provide the same level of results that social media can, email marketing is still one of the most advantageous methods when it comes to pulling in leads.

With this in mind in today’s blogpost we’ll be running down the best email marketing practices to action within your campaign. Keep reading to learn more. 

Optimise your emails preview text

As an email subscriber, there’s one message you never want to see “email not displaying correctly. Click here”. 

First of all, this is a major red flag as whilst it may seem helpful, it can impact hugely on your email’s open rate as you’re telling the recipient that it may or may not work. Secondly, it also provides no insight into what the email is about. 

As a resolution to this, your preview text should complement the newsletter & capture your audience’s attention with the goal of encouraging them to open. 

Personalise the email greeting

When a user subscribes to your newsletter it’s important to see them as a potential customer, meaning that this consumer journey begins with the click of a single button.

From this point onwards you want to make them feel valued with something as simple as personalising your email greeting with their first name, commonly known as a ‘personalisation tag’. 

And whilst you may think this instant attention grabber may be a little hard to action should you have a 50+ subscriber list, it’s actually something that can be easily done through many of today’s email marketing platforms. 

Use Auto-Responders For Opt-Ins

With thousands of businesses opting to use the same method, some of your customers often forget they’ve opted in. Say for example if they have subscribed when checking out after making an order. 

Therefore, we advise setting up an auto-responder to remind them they have been added to your subscriber list and sending this between one to ten days after they have registered.

Within this, you want to feature additional content or an incentive, such as a discount code to encourage them to stick around. 

Closely tie your emails to your landing pages

There should be fluid consistency across all of your platforms, including your website landing pages & your emails as this will only help gain your customer’s trust. 

Make sure your headline, content & assets mirror your offering & branding showcased on your site and we encourage you to also use tracking tools to identify which emails & landing pages are best-performing so you continue to utilise these. 

Stick to template guidelines

Continuing on the theme of appearance, it’s advised that no email template should be wider than 650 pixels as if not this will not load properly & often users have to scroll horizontally to read it fully. 

Sticking between 500 & 650 pixels will only lead to better conversions & an overall better user experience, including easier readability. 

For more email marketing guidance & assistance, reach out to the leading experts at Myk Baxter Marketing today to book your free consultation.

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