The Basic Steps Into Generating Loyal Website Visitors

Author: Myk Baxter

Generating loyal website visitors is one of the most important things that any business could ever achieve, and this can only be accomplished by consistency, greatly-conducted content and a site that delivers your target audience with exactly what they need. 

In today’s blogpost, we will be running down the basic steps to follow when going down this avenue for the first time. 

#1 Provide your users with a fluent experience

When searching for a service, or product, we all have an idea of what we expect the site that we land on to look like, and what would make us want to exit the tab.

For example, if you’re looking for a web developer, you’d expect the website to be clean, have easy navigation and highlight the services you require rather than a cluttered jumble of text & imagery that’s impossible to understand.

By putting yourself in the mind of the user, you’re much more likely to see an increase in the users who choose to stick around, and you can even utilise them to gain feedback and receive thoughts on what else they’d like to see on your website. 

#2 Create keyword-rich content 

Keywords/phrases are the bridge between your users and your website, but first, you need to make sure your anonymous users are interested in your content, after all in a search engine you compete with thousands of other businesses. 

Focus on answering the questions or providing the solution to what these personas are looking for as you have to be the No.1 problem solver here. 

With 14 years of experience, we at Myk Baxter Marketing have unparalleled knowledge of producing SEO-friendly content that is trend-lead and results-driven, with businesses from across the globe seeing huge growth in their ROI & you could be next.

#3 Produce consistent blog content that will effectively help your audience

A blog can be an incredibly powerful tool when wanting to draw users to your site, but it must be updated consistently and similar to your main web copy, providing them with the information they are seeking. 

Take the time to make note of the frequently asked questions from your users, and compile these into a blogpost that is easy to read and provides them with the answers they need in a nutshell. 

Make sure to also feature these key queries within the basis of the content too, this will only help you rank higher in the engines!

#4 Use your website as a solution to social media queries

Search engines aren’t the only place where your potential customers will be asking questions, with many or most usually posting questions on platforms such as LinkedIn & Facebook. 

With this in mind, we advise monitoring your relevant business keywords on these networks, acknowledging the conversations that are happening and looking for the opportunity to get involved at the right time.

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