The Act of Using Instagram To Effectively Promote Your Business

Author: Myk Baxter

With over one billion active users, Instagram continues to pave the way for businesses who want to best promote their businesses online through captivating visuals.

However, what was once a simple photo-sharing app (who else remembers the beloved Sepia filter?) has now turned into a multi-tool platform, with the social networking platform recently announcing that they are taking the app in a different direction as it strives to compete with TikTok and Youtube.

With this in mind, in today’s blogpost we will share our top tips on how to use Instagram Reels & IGTV alongside their other features to capture your audience. 

Get Creative 

Whether you may hire a professional videographer, or a member of your in-house team, remember to let your creativity run wild throughout every stage, from the preparation right through to the post-production editing stage. 

As a full-free tool, the app also allows you to soundtrack your video with copyright free music, so depending on its topic you’re sure to find the right one for you, whether it be the latest hit, a throwback favourite or a simple instrumental track. 

Analyse Your Insights

Designed to support both businesses and content creators alike, Instagram Business allows you to effectively track your insights and allows you to easily adapt your content and publishing times to ensure that your engagement levels are at the highest level possible.

Although due to an ever-changing algorithm, it’s important that you analyse these regularly through your Insight Overview where you can view your accounts reached, content interactions as well as the insight data from each individual post. Luckily, you can access this through your profile too!

Connect With Your Followers – Regularly!

Instagram is the app where people go to connect with their friends, family and followers – and businesses should do the same!

However, we’re not saying that you have to respond to every comment and like that comes through from your content, but it’s important that there is a voice behind each post and that a follower feels like they’re a part of your online community and digital conversation.

As leading digital marketing experts, Myk Baxter Marketing recommends sharing polls across your stories in reference to what content your users would like to see, or hosting a live stream in regards to your latest products or offering, allowing you to engage with your audience directly.

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