Our Top Tips on Producing The Perfect Paid Social Media Campaign

Author: Myk Baxter

When scrolling through our favourite social media platforms, we’re regularly targeted by several paid social media advertisements. Whether they’re from a leading eCommerce platform (such as Amazon) or by a restaurant/or bar within our local area, they occupy the same space on your screen and hopefully draw your attention.

You may ask why paid ads are such a popular marketing practice. Well, in simple terms, this is because they allow businesses to directly target their audience continuously with the end goal of boosting their conversions, sales and engagement levels.

However, before curating the perfect ad campaign, several steps must be covered, while the ads themselves must be maintained and evaluated regularly to ensure that you meet any short- and long-term goals.

Below are our top tips on how you can perfectly execute your paid social campaigns, as well as how Myk Baxter Marketing can better support you through this journey.

Identify your audience and your end goals

Before designing your creative assets (such as content and imagery) you must research and identify your target audience through analytics and demographics. This data usually looks at occupation, age, gender or geographical location, as well as which social media channels are performing best.

This allows you to select the correct social platforms to utilise, as well as allowing you to set your specific target recommendations within the platform’s AD managers – such as Facebook Business Manager.

We also recommend compiling together a list of goals you would like to achieve, for example, several conversions to achieve or so many page followers by a certain date.

Utilise your Creativity

The term “an image speaks a thousand words” continues to remain true as the digital marketing world continues to expand, mostly due to platforms such as Instagram and TikTokk which encourage users to let their creativity run wild.

In light of this, we would recommend utilising the skills of a graphic designer, video editor or content writer to ensure that your visuals and its partnered content are eye-catching and capture the true essence of your brand.

Evaluate and adapt

Throughout your campaign, it is highly important that you review your ad campaign data thoroughly and that you look to adapt certain elements as you move through the process, for example expanding your target audience or altering the message behind your advertisements.

This will ensure that your campaign stays relevant to what you’re trying to achieve and that your advertisements continue to capture the attention of your target audience.

Be flexible with your budget

As a paid marketing practice, this form of social media advertising must be generated by a monthly fee set by yourself as without this it is simply impossible.

In light of the above, it is important to remember that if you plan to run the campaign across several different platforms such as Facebook and LinkedIn (which has a higher PPC rate) your budget can cater to this.

We would also advise increasing your budget by a certain percentage (for example 10%) to ensure that there is enough flexibility should the campaign run over by several pence or pounds.

Stay social throughout

Besides your paid social advertisements, publishing organic content to your platforms consistently can also have a staggering effect on how your audience engages with your campaign – viewing you as a reliable source within your industry. Regular interactions are like gold dust for a brand.

How can MBM help you?

As leading paid social media marketing experts, at Myk Baxter Marketing we strive to provide our clients with unparalleled paid marketing campaigns which are driven by creativity and results – with a large pool of businesses already having received a surge in their CRO levels.

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