Myk Baxter Marketing : Helping Local Businesses Achieve More

Author: Myk Baxter

As we approach our twelfth birthday, we at Myk Baxter Marketing feel blessed to have achieved what we have during this time & this would not have been possible without the great portfolio of clients who have chosen to work with us. 

MBM has touched every corner of the world & almost every industry sector due to our web development & digital marketing services, all of which are flexible enough to suit all manner of businesses. 

Upon reflecting on the last couple of years, it’s become evident that we are now more passionate than ever about supporting the local businesses within & around the North East, including; Tomahawk Steakhouse, Eleventh Hour Beauty & Fresh Faced Aesthetics, to name just a few.

As a leading digital marketing agency, we are also proud to sponsor several business events, including the upcoming Robustours North East Ultra Hike. 

Led by the great John Beamson, Robustours is an adventure events company aimed at helping business owners, CEOs and other like-minded business professionals accomplish a range of outcomes – from overcoming mental health disorders to fitness. 

In the build-up to this great event, our very own Hannah Stocker sat down with John to learn more about what inspired him to set up this great establishment, North East Ultra & what advice he would give to those business owners who want to achieve more. 

H: “What inspired you to kickstart Robusters?”

J: “Robusters is a combination of being ex-army, being legitimate and being the Ronseal man & of course the word ‘Robust’ means having the ability to just turn up in any situation, come rain or storm. “

H: “What do Robusters aim to achieve?”

J: We aim to make people better, to push them outside of their comfort zone and to start believing in themselves. We want to give them the Cigar Club mindset “Bring On The Next Step”.

H: “What does North Yorkshire Ultra initial?”

J: “This Saturday, it is a hiking/running ultra-distance challenge, 50K (or 100K, depending on the individual’s preference) and is designed to lift their morale & their sense of purpose, give them a fantastic win and something to shout about.”

H: “How will it benefit business owners, CEO’s etc?”

J: “They will benefit by becoming fitter, healthier & giving them great achievements which will ultimately make them happier in their lives and make them all the more better at home, in work and a generally better person.”

H: “What is one piece of advice you would give to (those above) when it comes to putting themselves first? “

J: “You have to look after number one to look at 2, 3 & 4 & if you’re happier then you’ll make those around you happier. If you’re bringing chaos with you, chaos will surround you.”

As a company that is a great advocate for mental health & wellbeing, we couldn’t be prouder to be partnering with a business that believes in putting oneself first and we would like to wish John & everyone taking part in North East Ultra this weekend the very best of luck!

To learn more about how we can sponsor your business, or support your business’s digital expansion with our services, reach out to us today.

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