Myk Baxter: Helping Businesses Go Further in 2023

Author: Myk Baxter

2023 is set to be a tough one for retailers, with the cost of living affecting how customers spend their money in/on the businesses that make up our high streets and search engines.

And this is where I and my team come in together to support business owners with their business growth, making sure that they keep their doors open, without breaking the bank. 

With strong connections in London and across the North East of England, my web development and marketing experts are dedicated to delivering the very best results to businesses of all sizes. No matter your sector, or niche, we’re here to help you spread awareness and put your best foot forward. 

What sets us apart from other agencies is not only our deep understanding of the digital marketing landscape but also our ability to save you time and money whilst delivering the standard of service you would expect to receive.

We have the ability to identify the gaps in your buying circle, fill them and utilise them alongside other forms of marketing to build a strategy that works and which you can be proud of you. I like to think of this as the pyramid to higher ROI. 

In recent years, I’ve had the opportunity to consult and provide my services to businesses such as Tomahawk Steakhouse & Delicious Alchemy, whilst also supporting international brands including Bloodline Tattoo and Nordic Consulting. 

When onboarding with me and my close-knit team, we will work with you, rather than you, pouring our skill sets into solutions that work. And whilst, we may work remotely, our open communication and flexibility allow for better levels of performance in the assets we produce. We work to the highest standard and strive to ensure all deadlines are met. Sometimes, working weekends and into the late evening to please our clients.

Whether you are a small SME or a nationwide chain, we will help you to grow your brand message and gain new leads. With our calendar now open across 2023, contact me today to book your free consultation.

Thanks for reading,

Myk Baxter, eCommerce Consultant