MBM offers Free Covid-19 Marketing Assessment

Author: Myk Baxter

Great News!

Despite uncertain times, digital marketing is still a key aspect of keeping a business afloat. As local businesses come together in support of each other, Myk Baxter Marketing is offering FREE Covid-19 marketing assessments to you, local people in and around Darlington.

In addition, Myk Baxter himself has promised to reduce the rates of a range of services during this crisis and is offering flexible payment options to allow all businesses the chance to boost their marketing and prepare themselves for the post-covid rush.

Get a free crisis marking assessment now.

Myk Baxter Marketing offers a vast range of personalised and adaptable services such as:

  • Web Design

Is your website up to date? Is it mobile friendly? Find out what’s working and what’s not, design affects your ability to attract new customers more than you think.

  • SEO

Where are you in the search engine results? Being at the top of the Google search page takes time and expertise. If you’re not there now, then you’re missing a huge opportunity.

  • Social Media

How active are you on your business social media platforms? Who’s posting more, you or your company? As important as a website and SEO rankings are, A Social Media strategy is a key marketing tool. Now is a perfect time to communicate with your audience and build trust in your brand.

  • Paid Search

Ever paid for an ad online and felt it did nothing? Sometimes it takes a bit of cash to get your company moving online, but knowing where to inject and how much takes expertise and patience.

Myk Baxter Marketing is offering this unique and free opportunity to have your business assessed allowing for greater clarity on how to navigate the marketing landscape during & after Covid-19.

If this is something you have been thinking about or know a business that will benefit from a FREE assessment then I would be happy to help. Click here to contact me.

Stay Safe,

Myk Baxter, Founder & Consultant

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