How To Tailor Your Social Media Campaigns For The Next Generation

Author: Myk Baxter

As the digital landscape continues to change, there is one age demographic that is consuming social media and all of its wonderful power more than ever. The Gen-Z generation. 

They strive to always stay up to date with the latest trends, whether it be fashion, food, beauty or tech, spending the majority of their time scrolling through their social media feeds – on average, 96 hours a month.

With this in mind, businesses must continue to adapt and enhance their social media campaigns to ensure that they stay relevant to these powerful consumers and can stay up to date with their wants and needs today we will share with you how you can do so. 

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Utilise TikTok and Instagram Reels

As one of the globe’s most popular apps, TikTok isn’t just for learning the latest dance craze or for sharing viral videos, it can also be used to share your latest products and services. For example, as a fashion retailer, create a lookbook of your trending pieces as by seeing the items in motion and styled, customers are bound to flock to your store or website. 

With a similar format, Instagram Reels and IGTV are excellent tools to use when promoting your brand, and should you already have a large following through the app, you already have a ready-made audience meaning that you will reach eyes upon instantly pressing the ‘share’ button.

Take Advantage of Influencer Marketing

From their early introduction in the late ’00s, influencers have changed the way that brands connect with their audience as these consumers strive to be like their idols.

Great examples of influencer marketing come from beloved Gen Z brands, such as Pretty Little Thing and Skinny Dips, who recently partnered with Jade Thirlwall – one-third of girl band, Little Mix. 

With 7.7 million Instagram followers, Jade’s collection of apparel, jewellery and tech accessories drew inspiration from her style and was quickly snapped up by the group’s loyal ‘mixers’. 

The key factor behind the success of the brand is that Jade already has a loyal following behind her, which when combined with Skinny Dip’s 668k followers allowed them to reach an even wider audience allowing them to turn over more sales and conversions. 

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Stay Up To Date With The Latest Trends

When wanting to tailor your social media campaign to suit the younger generation, you as a business owner or social media professional must understand what’s trending online and what is capturing your customers’ attention. 

That’s not to say you have to spend hours upon hours scrolling through viral videos and your platforms, but we recommend seeking feedback from your audience. For example, an Instagram poll, asks questions such as what content do you enjoy? What would you like to see more of?

By asking these questions, you will then be able to adapt and cater your content to your audience to suit their expectations and to help your brand grow.

Seek assistance from a leading digital marketing agency

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