How To Optimize Your Social Media Content

Author: Myk Baxter

Due to its easy accessibility and free tools, social media is one of the best ways to promote your business online but have you asked yourself if your audience is truly engaged with your campaign?

Well with ever-changing algorithms & trends, that’s a tricky question to answer & it’s also important to think about the fact that what you may think is engaging may not be to them. 

As a guide on how you can create a successful campaign, in today’s blogpost we will rundown our tips for content optimization across the abundance of social media platforms paying close attention to content types, your message & tone and visuals.

Share On The Latest Developments & Trends

To your audience, you want to be seen as a reliable source, and reporting on the latest developments & trends is a great way to both engage & impress your customers. You will be shown as an authoritative figure within your field and they will only be encouraged to return to your channels to stay up to date. For example, if you stand within the tech industry, publish infographics or blogposts about the latest releases, and encourage your following to share their thoughts & feedback.

Read & Respond To Your Social Comments

Now, this may sound like a very simple (& instinctive) task, but responding to your following is part of a successful strategy with platforms now being seen as customer service channels. 

Make sure to comment, react, like & also share content generated by your following which is relevant to your brand. This also looks great to other potential customers when they see you frequently interacting & it increases the chance of conversation. 

Introduce Interactive Social Content

When it comes to social media crawler bots, user interaction is a huge green light as the more likes, comments & shares visible the more favourable your account will be. With this in mind, we advise introducing shareable & engaging into your channels, such as: 

  • Follower pools & quizzes
  • Promotions focusing on likes & shares (such as a company competition)
  • Photo captioning contests
  • Q&A’s

Create Short Videos

Over the last couple of years, video has proven itself to be the most popular form of engaging content – with those businesses opting to use them seeing a higher growth in qualified leads compared to those that don’t.

With this in mind, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & TikTok (the king of the video-sharing apps) all have live video &/or video creation options allowing you to create or engage with your customers in instant. 

For more guidance on how you can revolutionise your social media campaigns, or how we at Myk Baxter Marketing can help with content creation, reach out to us today!

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