How To Boost Your Brand Status After Lockdown

Author: Myk Baxter

With the remaining COVID-19 restrictions on social contact set to be removed in England on the 19th of July, it’s now more important than ever for our nation’s business owners to adapt their marketing strategies to ensure that they stand out against their competitors; using the goal of achieving the highest levels of customer sales, engagement and conversions as their driver.

To help make this step a little easier, in today’s blog post, we will discuss how to fuse both traditional and digital marketing practices in preparation for ‘freedom’ day. 

Host and Promote A Launch Event

Whether you may be a new restaurant or retailer, hosting a launch event is a fantastic way to draw attention and bring a buzz to your business and its offering, even for those small and intimate businesses made up of family and friends. 

Also, encourage your attendees to be social and publish their experience across social media platforms, and thank them with a complimentary goody bag, or a glass of fizz (if you’re feeling fancy). By doing so, you’re generating notoriety around your brand and receiving free advertising in the process. You’re also sure to have them spread a positive word for your business. 

If you wish to hold a larger gathering, we would advise sending out invitations via email marketing – the often overlooked, but highly effective, marketing practice that allows you to reach specific audiences or your audience at large in an instant.

Stay Social 

When opting to promote your business online, it’s important to highlight the tools and platforms which allow you to best enhance your business. For example, if you’re a retailer fueled by creativity, utilise Instagram Stories and Reels, as well as its generic photo-sharing tool to create enticing videos and snapshots that best capture the essence of your business. 

Take Advice From The Experts

Should you be navigating through the digital marketing world for the first time, we would advise seeking advice from a trusted marketing agency, such as the team at MBM. With years of unparalleled experience, they will guide and advise you, whilst also implementing the correct services for you. 

Visit MBM’s website for more information.