How TikTok has changed our shopping habits

Author: Myk Baxter

Step aside Instagram, TikTok is the video-sharing app that has taken the world by storm with millions of users each month using it to showcase the latest dance trends, prank videos and revolutionary hacks. 

However, besides this, the beloved app has also been utilised by the globe’s retailers as a way to display their latest products through the abundance of influencers and content creators on the platform – with brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Beauty Bay seeing astronomical business growth because of this. 

Now, the killer selling-point here is that us consumers are able to discover new products through those who are similar to ourselves meaning that we are more likely to invest in comparison to when we may see a marketing campaign featuring a supermodel or global megastar – who most often or not won’t actually use the products their promoting in their everyday lives.

The feel of authentic content is also rather significant here too, with brands swapping large production shoots for content that is filmed by everyday people within the comfort of their own homes with natural product placement. For example, meal-kit pioneers Hello Fresh are continuing to appear in ‘‘What I Eat In A Day’ videos with their convenient plans being a hit with TikTok users due to their easy, breezy concept. 

In light of the significant effect that the app is having on consumers and conversions, it’s also highly important that we highlight the fact the platform is actually free to use, so unless a brand opts to pay its creators a sponsorship fee they don’t have to pay for promotion, simply opting for a gifted approach instead. Which in comparison to traditional marketing is significantly advantageous and allows them to invest in other aspects of their company. 

Overall, and as a result, more young people than ever are purchasing the app with brands simply not having to lift a finger whilst their conversions and customer base grow significantly. Click here to read more

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