How MBM Can Help Your Small Business Grow

Author: Myk Baxter

As life returns back to normality (sort of) and more of us begin to venture back into the big wide world, now is the time for small to medium businesses to analyse, adapt and action their marketing strategies with the goal of standing tall against their larger competitors. 

However, should you be a business owner navigating through the digital landscape for the first time, we at Myk Baxter Marketing (along with our services) are on hand to help you strive whilst helping to put your mind at ease. Keep reading to find out more about how we can support you!

Keep Things Social

With the ability to share and engage in an instance, social media continues to change the face of how consumers and businesses interact with one another and can never be overlooked!

Powered by the latest trends and techniques, our bespoke social media marketing service can be tailored to suit your exact needs and adapted on a regular basis as your business blooms with our unparalleled industry experts working as an extension of your team. 

Projecting A Professional Image (And Voice)

All businesses will at some point find themselves in hot water, whether this may be through a low rate review (most often out of no fault of your own) or through a cruel comment left on your social media page. But it’s always important to remain professional in these scenarios, after all your reputation can take years to build but can be ruined in seconds. 

To ensure that this happens, our online reputation management team will act swiftly to clean up your brand image, creating a positive aura that will mask the negative vibes! After all, we’re all for peace and love.

Creating A Powerful Web Presence 

As a leading web development agency, we pride ourselves on designing, developing and delivering fully functional websites that are easy-to-navigate and user friendly using globally-renowned platforms, including WordPress, Shopify and Magento

Visit our Trustpilot page to learn more about how we’ve helped businesses grow their presence. 

Do you want to learn more about our range of services? Contact us today to book your consultation. 

Telephone number: 01325 939 838

Address:  2 Peel Court, St Cuthberts Way, Darlington, County Durham, DL1 1GB


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