How Location Based Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

Author: Myk Baxter

Paid marketing is one of, if not the most beneficial methods to use when wanting to expand your business due to its flexible, expansive nature, allowing you to cater your campaigns to reach your exact target audience through their demographics. This could include their age, gender, salary or job role. 

Now for nationwide companies, your targeted marketing has the ability to be a little more niche, however, for SME’s with a stand-alone store or premises (such as a restaurant or personal care service) we advise strongly on using your audience’s location to skyrocket your ads. 

But why you may ask? 

Well, first of all, by optimising your campaigns to your location you’re only targeting those users living specifically in (or around) your business area, which we know from experience can build curiosity & create a buzz – leading to an increase in engagement online and also more bums on seats and sales in person. 

Top tip…this is especially great when promoting or participating in events!

By doing so, you can also keep your budget/spends relatively small due to only targeting a small number of users, in comparison to a gender or age group where the percentage (and ad spend) will be significantly higher. 

From a creative perspective, you also have the ability to curate your assets to your location, in comparison to creating a standard blast for all. Play on the culture and connections to your base, even when it comes to your content. It will only make you more relatable and memorable. 

Overall, the biggest benefit of this is the ability to grow your overall exposure in your local area due to creating more digital & in-person connections, whether this be someone checking into/or tagging your location or through a conversation with a close friend or family member about the service or product they’ve received from you. 

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