How iOS.15 May Hinder Your Marketing Campaign

Author: Myk Baxter

After Apple’s iOS.14 update played significant interference on how businesses marketed themselves online (especially when it came to paid ads) we think everyone was hoping that their next IOS privacy update would come with fewer teething problems. 

However, as the new iOS.15 features begin to be rolled out, including Mail Privacy Protection, we hate to break the news that this may impact your current campaigns, especially if you’re utilizing email marketing – even though it is sure to reassure your audience. 

To help you gain a better understanding of the effectiveness of this, we’ve listed below our responses to your key questions.

Wait, what is Mail Privacy Protection and how does it work?

Well, in today’s world, email providers across the globe (such as HubSpot) use dedicated tracking pixels within emails to collate information about how customers interact with their mail. However, with this new update, should Apple Mail users opt to use it, details such as their IP address will be hidden and it will prevent senders from being notified of when, or if they’ve opened the email in question. 

How will this affect me?

In light of this, most businesses and marketing agencies may now lose the ability to advantageously target emails based on the location of their audience (frustrating, right?!) and you may also see inflation in email open rates – due to emails being pre-loaded by Apple themselves. 

Due to this, other marketing practices that also rely on opening tracking to be effective, such as workflow enrollment will be affected. 

How can I prevent disruption to my campaign? 

To avoid any significant impact, we advise being mindful of how much your business relies upon location-based targeting, especially if you’re an SME – as well as your email open rate. 

For further help, we advise reaching out to the digital marketing experts at Myk Baxter Marketing, who will be able to help with adjusting your criteria and produce an audit, for processes such as list segmentation. On the other hand, for metrics, they will also be able to help with the production of reliable engagement metrics, for example, click rate.

To book your consultation, reach out to the MBM team today.

Telephone number: 01325 939 838

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