How Grant Funding Could Take Your Business To New Heights

Author: Myk Baxter

Apply For The NBSL Innovation Recovery Grant Fund With Myk Baxter Marketing 

As one of the North East’s leading digital marketing agencies, Myk Baxter Marketing is dedicated to supporting all manner of businesses when it comes to digital marketing and website development. However, in our most recent years, we have become increasingly passionate about helping those start-up & enterprise-level companies kickstart their digital journey. 

Spearheaded by lead consultant & founder, Myk Baxter & his team of experts, they strive to provide their clients with the highest level of guidance & advice within their range of services which is reflected in their unparalleled track record. 

With the above in mind, we believe that MBM is one of the best agencies to partner with to help you gain access to the funding you deserve, including the NBSL Innovation Recovery Grant Fund – with the deadline for new applications now being extended until 2022!

What is the Innovation Recovery Grant Fund? 

The North of Tyne Innovation Recovery Grant Fund has been created to enable hundreds of North of Tyne organisations to gain up to 50% funding towards their business projects costing between 10k & 20K (exclusive of any VAT charges) due to the kindness of the North of Tyne Combination. 

Delivered through the partnerships of NBSL & Innovation SuperNetwork, they are seeking to support providers who may want to construct client projects that would enhance efficiency, productivity or innovate – whether they may be new to the market or organisation. 

Who is eligible for the funding? 

New applications are open to those SMEs (small to medium-sized enterprises) & social enterprises across Northumberland, Newcastle Upon Tyne & North Tyneside BUT entries are only available until the fund is fully committed so if you wish to apply it’s important that you do it now. 

What are the exemptions? 

The ICGF programme cannot be used to fund the purchase of business vehicles, construction materials, the replacement/or upgrading of existing equipment, business as usual costs (including the purchase of basic IT equipment for new employees) or systems with monthly/quarterly charges.  

We must also note that the extension is not available to those existing contracts & all deadlines already agreed upon with the partners must be maintained or the contract could be compromised. 

What must I do before applying? 

If you wish to kickstart a business or believe your existing one would benefit from the program, you first must have a great proposal in place to help you swiftly move through the eligibility process. Examples of projects eligible for funding include external expertise right through to equipment investment. 

With unmatched experience in developing & implementing world-class digital solutions, Myk Baxter Marketing can help you to align your business goals & help you craft a proposal that sits within the requirements set by NBSL. After all, their main goal is to help you turn your business plans into a reality. 

Where can I find more information?

To create your application, or to read more information about the Innovation Recovery Grant Fund, visit the North of Tyne Website today or contact Myk Baxter Marketing today for more information on how they can help you with your proposal.