How COVID-19 Has Impacted On Our New Shopping Behaviours

Author: Myk Baxter

Since it first hit the UK in February 2020, COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the way we live our lives. From how we interact with our loved ones to where we travel and even the way that we act as consumers. 

However, following the reopening of our non-essential retail sector, we have now been granted the opportunity to once again shop in person. (Fanfare celebration!) Pre-COVID, this was the most preferred shopping method in the UK, with 88% of consumers enjoying that in-person experience over shopping online. Today, this number sits around 50%, in part due to lockdown restrictions but also due to the pandemic giving otherwise sceptics an insight into the joys (and benefits) of shopping online.

And although it is predicted that this figure will jump to 75% post-pandemic, it is now important that retail business owners have a clear understanding of the change in their consumers’ shopping behaviours.

As a helping hand, today we will share with you the important factors to magnify across your website and social media platforms with the intention of encouraging your customers to shop in-store once again, whilst abiding by the current government guidelines. 

Widening Your Range of Delivery Options 

Whilst the majority of us may snap up the opportunity to become immersed within the in-person shopping experience, some consumers will still seek the benefits of being able to shop online – whilst still expecting efficient and fast delivery.

In light of this, we recommend broadening your range of delivery options, including in-store pick-up and delivery which as a result will lead to more sales and an increase in customer conversions. 

Shopping Locally 

Throughout the last year, shopping locally has become a convenience for consumers, with this habit set to continue moving forward. This is advantageous for those independent businesses set within our highly competitive high streets. 

In light of this, MBM highly recommends utilising the tools provided by social media platforms (such as paid advertising) and localised SEO to create a buzz around your independent business. 

For retail chains growing in size, we suggest creating social media channels, such as Instagram & TikTok for each of your store locations and using them to promote your new-in products, as well as creating trend-focused content. By doing so, you will only entice your customers to purchase the pieces for themselves – after all a video or image speaks a thousand words. 

You can learn more about how to leverage your social media presence post lockdown here

Health and Safety is Paramount

Whilst normality may be on the return, it is believed that the Coronavirus will still continue to circulate throughout our towns and cities. Therefore, the health and safety of your customers must remain the focus of the in-store experience.

To offer peace of mind, we advise publishing your in-store guidelines across your social channels and website consistently. Consumers are most likely to research these prior to their visit and with a clear message, you will attract more customers. 

Examples of these may include, the opening/closing of fitting rooms, the temporary ban of personal shopping and contactless payments, as well as your opening times and your social distancing policies. 

In light of the constant changing of restrictions, Myk Baxter Marketing is on hand to help consistently manage your social media platforms to ensure that your consumers receive the latest updates and changes as your business adapts to the changing landscape. In addition, we also can help provide guidance and content which is relevant to your business and the products you have to offer. For more information, visit our website today. 


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