Grant funding could help make your business plans a reality.

Author: Myk Baxter

Apply For The North East Business Support Fund With Myk Baxter Marketing

As a leading UK digital marketing agency, Myk Baxter Marketing prides itself on supporting both start-up and enterprise-level businesses with their website development and digital marketing needs. Based locally in Darlington, North East England, they are perfectly suited to help County Durham-based businesses access digital marketing funding that can help spearhead growth online.

Led by industry expert Myk Baxter, MBM’s team of experienced professionals strive to provide only the best in guidance, advice, and services for all their clients, with the goal of helping local UK businesses thrive in the digital world.  

 Driven by years of unparalleled success and staggering results, their experience supports a wide range of services covering every aspect of digital marketing and web development, including search engine optimisation (SEO), social media marketing, and custom digital branding, as well as WordPress, Shopify and eCommerce development at all levels. 

Myk Baxter Marketing’s exceptional track record proves its effectiveness and reliability when it comes to supporting clients in expanding their digital presence locally, nationally, and internationally.

 In addition to their world-class services and consultancy support, MBM can also help their clients and new business start-ups in Darlington and the North East to claim the North East Business Support Fund from NBSL. 

What is the North East Business Support Fund?

The North East Business Support Fund was launched to provide financial support for those looking to start their own business or as a fund to support existing small businesses (or social media enterprises) in both growth and development.

Supporting over 2,500 businesses to date, the fund has proven so successful that it has now been extended through March 2023 and is currently open for applications.

To be eligible for the funding, a business project must have a budget of at least £2,500 and a maximum of  £8,000. NBSL will then provide up to 40% of the total cost (with a maximum of £3,200) as a financial boost to support local business growth. 

Each project must also cover at least one of the following target areas: 

  • To create more jobs in areas such as marketing strategy, web design/development, video/animation creation, and social media.
  • Reducing costs through upgrading management systems or improving business processes, product development, or quality management. 
  • Succession planning by way of business growth planning, financial restructuring, and change management. 

Each applicant business must also be trading and classed as a small- to medium-sized enterprise, defined by parameters such as employing fewer than 250 people and having a turnover of less than €50 million per annum.

How Can I Build a Plan?

If you wish to start a business or feel your business would benefit from a cash injection from the North East Business Support Fund, the next step would be to create a project plan that is both aligned with your goals and fits within the parameters of NBSL’s funding requirements. 

Myk Baxter Marketing can help new and existing clients in Darlington, and the North East claim the North East Business Support Fund from NBSL. 

Their extensive experience in developing and implementing world-class digital solutions from a range of businesses in the UK means they are perfectly suited to helping businesses not only develop effective project plans but also provide the long-term services and support needed to turn a plan into a reality.

Where Can I Find More Information?

To apply for the funding, or to read more information about the North East Business Support Fund, visit the NBSL website today or contact Myk Baxter Marketing for more information about how to develop an effective development plan to support your application.