eCommerce Experts Guide to Expert Copywriting

Author: Myk Baxter

Web copy can make a huge difference in how your consumers interact with your website, but it can also make an impact on how you rank within search engines. Your content should help raise awareness & encourage your users to make the right decision, both being key stages within the buying cycle. 

Keep reading to learn our tips on how to perfectly execute yours.

Be Aware of Your Audience

Before you start to write your content, you need to be aware of the audience who will be reading it. Without having the reader in mind, how will you ever know which words & tone to use?

Hannah Stocker, one of our great content writers advises that you must be aware of the user & their needs every time you throw yourself into an article or web copy & this can be done through user personas.

In short, user personas will actively tell you who the average reader of your article is, alongside their pain points, challenges & goals. You can then take this information & adapt your content to suit. 

Stay Concise

As a generic writer, it’s easy to go with the flow of words, but in marketing, unnecessary language can often lead to users logging off. 

From Hannah’s perspective again she advises first that you get down all of the points in your head, then take a step back before returning to remove the jargon before sending it across to be proofread & published. 

Ideally, all of the information within your piece should connect to your topic & what doesn’t should be removed. 

Inject Personality Into Your Writing

In today’s world, a relaxed approach to writing seems to be most effective & ideally, you want to speak to your readers like you would a friend. 

By writing in a more relatable & conversational tone, you are granting the reader an insight into your personality & they are more likely to become a recurring reader because of it.

This way also works best for those topics that are more complex or taboo. Overall you want to offer your reader some comfort & guidance when reading your piece.

Take A Step Away

Only the best content can be written with a fresh perspective, hence why it’s important to take a step away after working on a piece for a while.

Upon returning to your desk, grammar mistakes, clunky sentences & awkward phrasing will jump straight out & you’ll thank yourself for taking time out to reset your mind.

Break Up Bulky Copy

No reader likes a long & bulky article, no matter how good the piece may be.

It’s found that readers will often skim-read information rather than digest it all and with this in mind, you want to break down your content using paragraphs, headings & subheadings & visual assets.

Highlight The Benefits

When it comes to web copy, most businesses tend to fall into the habit of what their company does & their product offering. But what about the benefits that you can offer your customers?

Here at Myk Baxter Marketing, our site focuses more on what we supply our customers with & how we can help benefit their business through our results-driven web development & digital marketing services. You should practice the same.

Incorporate Microcopy 

In short, microcopy is a term used to describe short text on a website, for example, a call to action or a label on a form field.

This often gets overlooked when it comes to copywriting, but it’s details like this that can make all the difference to your user experience. 

See below a few ways of creating an engaging CTA:

Use action verbs – use terms like “discover” & “join”, rather than generic phrases like “click here” & “learn more”.

Appeal to your audience’s desires: Should you know your audience is seeking community, emphasize this with a CTA such as “Join a network of 1,000+ happy users”

Evoke urgency: By using terms like “act now” & “whilst it lasts” you’ll drive action from consumers who don’t want to miss out on a great deal or opportunity.

Bring In The Experts

With the tips above in mind, we’re aware of just how time-consuming producing copy can be & that’s where MBM UK comes in. With a team of expert copywriters, we will work to create articles & content tailored to your brand’s tone & compliment your products, & of course your other marketing efforts. 

Reach out to us to book your free consultation.

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