Digital Selling Vs Social Selling

Author: Myk Baxter

Over the last few years, social selling has transformed the way customers consume & how businesses sell their products (especially during the recent global pandemic) but this trend is now set to change. 

But how so you may ask?

As a new concept, digital selling is about to take the globe’s businesses to new heights. As the parent of social selling (in the way that social selling is just one part of the digital selling umbrella) this new method has the potential to increase your ROI, conversions & engagement. 

How should businesses approach the concept of digital sales? 

When we think of digital marketing today we no longer solely think of social media, but the broad spectrum of elements including SEO, email, PPC & analytics all of which are used to build brand awareness. 

With a similar concept, digital selling is about using a combination of these digital tools, alongside social media platforms (social selling) to drive revenue to your site. Keep reading to learn more about how you can activate this method. 

Digital selling vs social selling

For those who still opt to use traditional selling methods (such as cold-calling), it is found that a lack of listening to the customer/or audience & having to reach forced targets is a trigger that leads to earning less due to the invasive nature. 

On the other hand, those who opt to use digital or social selling techniques are listening & sharing with their audience to connect with them, understand the challenges/issues they may face & offer their support & solutions to resolve these. Several different strategies are included within this great marketing machine, including: 

Strategy & integration: the task of ensuring all of your business’s digital marketing strategies are well aligned & interlinked. 

Digital Research: beginning with a view of your target audience, you must research both digital & social market trends & which factors influence the customers within your sector. 

Digital sales leadership: to take charge of all of your digital efforts & initiatives to take your business to the highest of heights. 

CRM: the task of managing & analysing your customer interactions/data throughout the customer journey to effectively improve your business relationships. 

Sales enablement: the act of using digital research alongside social tools & platforms to reach key decision-makers & capture your CRM data. 

Digital sales messaging: developing your sales message to suit the needs & wants of your target audience. 

Engagement: Identify your business KPIs & utilise them to build positive customer engagement. 

Social content: using social media channels & target social campaigns to interact & engage with prospective customers. 

Social account management: effectively using the post-sale process to sufficiently manage your accounts both socially & digitally to improve up-selling & cross-selling opportunities. 

Sitting under the digital sales umbrella, within social selling, businesses can also opt to use peer-to-peer social practices to join a buyer at a single time during their consumer journey & active conversions by assisting them throughout this process through the three following main selling methods: 

Insights selling: generating leads & sales by becoming a B2B (Business to Business) influencer. 

Trigger selling: to trigger a customer’s impulses to create a conversion.

Referral selling: to gain new customers through consumer referrals. 

In short, social selling is about utilising content & social platforms to encourage the next steps for your customers, leveraging your brand & developing meaningful relationships with your customers, whether they be potential or existing. 

In summary

Whilst social selling plays a significant part in digital selling, it’s important to keep in mind that this alone will not suffice when it comes to taking your business to greater heights. 

As it continues to evolve, digital selling is the method of utilising all of the digital tools available to drive more sales & leads & make your business mark. 

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