Digital Marketing And Covid: One Year On

Author: Myk Baxter

The 23rd of March 2020 marked the official day that changed the UK as a nation as the globe became inundated by the swarming effects of the Coronavirus pandemic. In good spirits, we were encouraged to change our whole life dynamic, including limiting social contact with our loved ones, working from home, and even changing the way we shopped. 

 As we reflect on the last twelve months, it’s important to highlight what has kept our economy afloat during this unprecedented period, and that is digital marketing – with many traditional brick-and-mortar stores having to take their businesses online to survive. 

 However, for some, it can often be hard to understand the digital marketing world when you’re navigating it for the first time, mostly due to its ever-changing tools and trends. 

 As the masters of marketing, Myk Baxter Marketing has an excellent track record and has helped a huge number of businesses thrive during this strange time. Located in the heart of Darlington (County Durham), expert consultant Myk Baxter and his team of industry professionals pride themselves on providing their clients with only the best advice and guidance – as well as helping them to gain access to funding. 

Powered by results, experience, and knowledge, their extensive range of services covers every aspect of digital marketing, including: 

Social Media Marketing: The MBM team understands that social media marketing can be time-consuming and stressful for some business owners, which is why their social media marketing service covers everything from posting creative content consistently to targeting your audience in the most effective way. 

Search Engine Optimisation: SEO is never a one-time job. Due to the ever-growing trends, it must be maintained and revised regularly to ensure that your business stays at the top of the rankings – which is why their SEO consultants continue to stay in-tune with the ever-changing practices to keep you at the peak. 

Email Marketing: As one of the most effective forms of marketing, emails can be used to target your audience quickly and be changed depending on their demographic – and when opting to partner with MBM you will gain access to a number of deliverables including; 

  • An exceptional and up-to-date email marketing platform. 
  • Extensive monthly performance reports.
  • Full training on how to use their email marketing system.
  • A dedicated contact who will serve as an extension of your internal team.
  • Guidance to set up effective welcome emails. 

Pay Per Click: As a form of optimised marketing, PPC has the potential to convert website clicks to returning clients. In order for you to receive the most effective results, MBM allows you to make the most of your PPC marketing through the following services: measurement analysis, qualified traffic, equal advertising opportunities, high relevance, and speed. 

Alongside their variety of digital marketing services, Myk Baxter Marketing also strives to provide their clients with only the best web development, e-commerce, and support services to ensure that their businesses will thrive during COVID and beyond.

You can begin your MBM journey by visiting their website today.