Metaverse Breakdown & What Does This Mean for Businesses

After COVID-19 prized us apart from our loved ones, we all began to rely on the digital world to keep us in contact. Before we knew it the Metaverse stepped into the public domain, opening a portal to a new world of content, digital media, communication, marketing and virtual lifestyles. And with zoom calls and […]

Black Friday 2021: Top Tips For eCommerce Merchants 

As it rolls around once again, Black Friday in 2021 will look different to years gone by. Namely due to the ongoing pandemic, but also changed again from 2020-style as shopping is mostly open and lockdowns lifted.  As people continue to adapt their shopping habits both online and in-store, eCommerce merchants need to be extra […]

Why Listing Your Business on Google is Great for SEO

If you own a business and have a real-world location (be it an office or a storefront), it can be incredibly beneficial to add your business to Google Maps.  Not only does this help people find and search for your business more easily, but it also helps improve SEO and increase reach for your business […]

Master the Up-Sell, Cross-Sell to Improve Online Sales

Up-selling and cross-selling are terms common in the eCommerce industry, and as an owner of an online store (or a future online store designed and developed by the Myk Baxter Marketing eCommerce team) you need to be aware – and have the functionality – to make the most out of these sales techniques.  While the […]

Inbound vs Outbound SEO Marketing

Inbound and outbound SEO Marketing are now two very common strategies in the digital era. However, there are several main differences between inbound and outbound marketing.  Inbound marketing centers on creating and distributing content that draws people in through various marketing campaigns, social media, opt-in emails and much more. Outbound marketing on the other hand, […]

What happens when you outgrow your eCommerce platform

There are many reasons brands outgrow their eCommerce platform. As business matures, brands need platforms that can not only handle the growth but also scale while you do it.  If your site doesn’t keep up, you may need to re-platform – the process of moving from one technical system to another. While consolidating your tech […]

Google Ads Keyword Planner is Your Friend

Finding what content, or what words can best help your online advertising strategy or SEO strategy can be a tough challenge for the uninitiated.  Whether you’re looking to pay for ads or simply grow your brand organically, the first step (and arguably most essential step) is to conduct a keyword search to help drive your […]

MUST READ: Google Ads New Strike Policy

In Google’s July announcement, the global powerhouse announced that it is upping the ante when it comes to repeat Google ads policy violations. Beginning in September, advertisers who continually violate ad policies will suffer consequences such as account pauses and indefinite suspensions. Google has long deleted ads that breach its rules, but apart from that […]

How to Make Passive Income With a Dropship eCommerce Store

While the UK opens up and life returns to normal, it could be a good time to protect yourself from the unwanted, albeit likely, return to lockdown in the not-so-distant future. One way to protect yourself financially is to create passive income online.  With a dropshipping website built by Myk Baxter Marketing, you can achieve […]

What is WooCommerce?

If you’ve worked with Myk Baxter Marketing before, you may know that our plugin of choice for checkouts and eCommerce is WooCommerce. But what is it? Where did it come from? And why do we like it so much? What is WooCommerce? WooCommerce is a free WordPress plugin that adds eCommerce functionality to your website […]