An Insight into the New TikTok for WooCommerce Extension

Author: Myk Baxter

No matter your offering, or business size, one of your primary marketing goals is likely to be building your customer base & this can be brilliantly done through social media. As one of the most powerful tools, it can successfully help you reach new audiences, promote your brand & generally build your business. In today’s climate, there’s one channel, in particular, that is valuable for eCommerce stores & that’s TikTok. 

Due to its fresh, community-driven approach & evergrowing user count, TikTok presents businesses with major opportunities to increase their sales & reach new audiences. It’s known that 48% of users have immediately purchased a product or invested in a brand in the past year after seeing it on the platform. 

But things just got better, with a newly launched TikTok for  WooCommerce extension providing merchants with the ability to get set up & create content quickly & efficiently. You can simply sync your store, create ads through your product catalogue & also track your performance from one simple dashboard. Keep reading to discover how to get started & to learn my TikTok marketing tips. 

Connecting your WooCommerce store to TikTok

Whilst organic content is an effective way of gaining an insight into what is popular with your users it will only get you so far in terms of generating sales. On the other hand, paid advertising allows you to skyrocket your content to a new potential audience, & grants you valuable insight into how they’re engaging with you. 

When installing the TikTok for WooCommerce extension & connecting your store to your account, you’ll gain a Fastrack to advertising through the platform with the four main features: 

  • Syncing your store catalogue with TikTok 

Syncing your product catalogue will make it easier to create & run product-based ad promotions such as Collection Ads and dynamic Showcase Ads. Even better, any new products added to your store will automatically be available for advertisement. 

  • Efficient ad creation tools 

Once set up, you can begin your ad creation by selecting “Create an ad” straight from your dashboard.

You can then upload a video file from your camera roll or use the Smart Video Generator with your product imagery & pre-built templates to create video ads. 

  • A readily available & advanced TikTok Pixel

Through the extension, in one simple click you’ll be able to install the TikTok pixel within your store. This grants you the ability to use advanced matching capabilities to increase your ad visibility to get in front of the right shops and maximise your ROAS.

  • In-feed engaging ad formats

Within the TikTok Ads Manager, there are several in-feed ad formats just waiting to be utilised, including: 

    • Lead Generation (or Gen) Ads: Draw in new leads with an instant, customisable form that can be integrated with CRM partners making qualifying & converting leads simpler. 
  • Catalogue-Based Ads*: As we touched upon before, you can sync your WooCommerce catalogue to create product ads quickly & easily. 
  • Spark Ads: Make the most of your organic TikTok posts & create a native ad. This can be done in two ways: through the content on your TikTok account or through collaborating with TikTok creators & using their organic content. 

If you’re eager to pull in leads, we recommend trying Promote. You’ll be able to boost your content to reach more viewers, lead people to your site & increase your number of followers directly from the app itself. 

*We must note that availability may vary, so I advise reaching out to a TikTok representative. 

Working your way to TikTok Marketing Success

Becoming an advertiser on TikTok can be done through four simple steps: Choosing your goal(s), selecting your audience, setting a budget & designing a great ad. But knowing & understanding how it differs from other social media platforms is the real lesson. See my tips below on how to get the most out of it:

  • Be Your Authentic Self 

It’s known, that those brands & businesses who’ve found TikTok successful have done so by creating content that is authentic & meaningful. Users will often turn away from content that doesn’t have that true “TikTok feel” or has been duplicated from other platforms & previous campaigns. 

I’d advise setting up your account before getting a feel for the app & the content that resonates with its audience. You’ll gain a greater understanding of why so many people across the world love TikTok, & get the inspiration you need to create your ad content. 

  • Find & engage with your audience

The key to looking for your audience on TikTok is thinking about what interests them rather than who they are. Connect with groups or subcultures who share the same common beliefs & ideas, & then look into their age, gender & locations. By tapping into this power you will see huge growth in brand awareness. 

Finding your audience can be done by searching hashtagged interests or keywords, & from here you can gain an immediate understanding of the content your audience is engaging with. For those TikTok newbies, the more views a hashtag has the higher its popularity however those with fewer views can be seen as having a more passionate following so there may be untapped potential there. 

Once you’ve identified your target audience through the above, now is the time to begin the conversation: This can be done through:

  • Jumping into the comments & sharing your appreciation for their creativity & individuality. Join in the discussion & learn from others.
  •  Look at what other businesses in your industry are doing to gather inspiration then adapt this to suit your brand niche. If you’re a baker, browse #baker on TikTok to find inspo from the most popular videos. 
  • Engage with your comment section, after all,  conversation is a two-way street. 

Let your creativity flow 

TikTok is there to inspire & captivate your audience. With everything that you need in one app, let your creativity & passion flow after all it cannot be faked. And if you need a little bit of support, don’t be afraid to reach out to the great TikTok Marketing Partners

  • Creator Collaborations

TikTok gains its magic from its community, & the TikTok creators play a key role in this. As experts on the platform, they can help you find new audiences & add authenticity to your content.

As a great portal, the Creator Marketplace can help you quickly connect with the right people to elevate your brand & showcase your products to new audiences. 

In Summary

From the insight above, there is a lot of untapped potential when it comes to TikTok & this new extension is going to grant global businesses the opportunity to start in the marketing world.